Faith Estera - Team Supervisor


Hi there!

I've been living in Canada since August of 2018 when I started my time with NET Ministries. I am originally from Sydney, Australia. In 2018-19 I was in a Discipleship Team based in Brooklin, Ontario. In 2019-20 I was on Mission Staff and served as a Media Assistant, and this would be my third year but this time as a Team Supervisor. I have been blessed abundantly since being a part of this community, it's always been the same mission but I am always part of it in a different way.

When I first discerned to join staff I had a desire to grow in service, and not only was I able to fulfil that desire last year but there were many other ways that God was calling me grow. Mission Staff has pushed me to grow up, love harder, give more sacrificially, and to be creative in how I serve.

As I discerned whether a 2nd year on Mission Staff was the right path to take, there were two things I was certain of:1. I have an un-avoidable heart for The Mission2. NET Ministries is such a unique opportunity to take part in The Mission and I've already come this far.

So the question I had to answer for myself was will a door be opened for me again and will I find peace and purpose taking a step into it?

I am so excited to be a Team Supervisor this year! I am a strong believer in doing things in community and not alone. A missionary serving others is so important but being equipped is just as necessary and I am humbled to be a part of that. To give to the families and young people in a way that our missionaries need me to, and to be what the missionaries need me to be for them (mentor, administrator, support, friend). Whatever it is, I am excited to give my heart to those who need it.

For those that donate $50 or more, or are monthly supporters, you will receive the NET newsletter and personal letter updates from me throughout the year. Thank you for any support you are willing to offer, you are in my prayers!