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I went to a Catholic school for all of my primary and secondary education years.  While I had lots of fun and learned a lot, I wasn’t exposed to too many Catholic-Christians who would say their lives were 100% centred around Christ and the Church.  I was exposed to the Catholic religion less of a hardcore way and in more of an academic way. The problem wasn’t the fact that it was a more theoretical approach to Christianity – the problem was I didn’t know there was more to know, or that Jesus was someone you could know personally.  I thought I knew everything about Jesus.  And so did most of my peers.

And so there were lots of doubts, and few of us felt compelled to follow Him.

So here are five things I wish I could tell teens about Jesus that would help them understand why some people are utterly convicted to live a life centred on Him, and why maybe they could consider stepping closer to Him as well.

Being a local team here in Fort McMurray, we are able to visit two Catholic high schools twice a week and we have the opportunity to build good solid relationships with the students and share our faith, love and enthusiasm for Jesus.

This brings me to one particular encounter I’ve recently had with a couple students: I was talking with two great girls at one of the high schools and we first started talking about what NET is, why we’re here, and what we’re doing. As we continued to talk, our conversation turned to talking more about the randomest things of life!  After a while of random fun chatting, she asked if she could ask me a more personal question. She asked me if I have ever doubted God. After that question, our conversation was able to go deeper.

We all long for comfort. We long to feel loved, and to have things work out. We like things to be peaceful, and easy! But, what if I told you that we were not made for things to be easy, for things to always be great, to be comfortable?

Before NET, I had a very comfortable life. I was homeschooled my entire life, all the way through, until the end of grade 12! I had a great job that I was planning on growing in, and potentially making my career!  I had the freedom of my own car - I could go anywhere. I had the freedom to do almost anything I desired! I was comfortable with the way I had my life. But would this be the path that I’m called to walk towards heaven?