Elianna Pyle - Recruiting Assistant


Hello! My name is Elianna Pyle and I'm from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. (Go, Roughriders!) I am so excited to continue this mission with NET as a Recruiter for this upcoming year, as I know that God has great, amazing plans in store.

This past year (2019/20) I have had the honour of serving on mission staff as a team supervisor- it was such an amazing experience and so beautiful to journey with the missionaries. I also served the year before (2018/19) as a NET missionary 'on the road' where I was located in Vancouver, BC. It was truly amazing to see God working in the youth and changing lives in BC- I can also confirm that it never stops being amazing, whether I'm seeing it from Vancouver to Saskatchewan to Ottawa; the Lord is so good! 

As a part of continuing with mission staff, I do have a fundraising goal of $7800. I would like to prayerfully ask if you would consider joining me in this mission by financially donating to NET! Also, if you donate $50 or more, or pledge monthly, you will receive the NET Newsletter, and personal letter updates from me throughout the year. It is through yourself that youth are able to experience Christ- we seriously could not do it without you! Through your support and prayers you are as much a missionary to NETs mission as myself, the other staff and the missionaries- amazing!! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page. No matter what, I just humbly ask for your prayers, as prayer changes hearts and the world! 

Thank you again, you will be in my prayers!