Domenic Thachuk - Team Supervisor


Hi there! My name is Domenic, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Windsor, ON! In brief, this past year I served on the road as a NET Missionary, sharing the gospel and being privileged to journey with thousands of young people in their pursuit of a relationship with Christ. That year having come to an end, turns out, God isn’t finished with me here yet! I’ve been called to continue working with NET Canada as part of their mission staff where I’ll be blessed to provide support and the many “behind the scenes” efforts for our missionaries out in the field. 

As we all have, I’ve experienced a fair amount of both accomplishments, as well as adversities in my life, and by God’s grace it has all contributed to get me here where I am today, as much as this was not my expectation! I’m a reasonably adept rock climber, outdoors-man, and thoroughly enjoy reading, I’m the second oldest of 6 children in my family, and have my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Windsor. Above all however, I, like you, am a beloved child of God, and that is a perfect identity that so many young people in Canada don’t know how to grasp and struggle to believe. Which is why the work of NET ministries, fostering those personal relationships with Christ, is so incredibly important.

As we embark on Christ’s mission, we all have parts to play, as we are all members of the body of the Church! So, if you've been blessed with responsibilities such that you can't leave everything for a year of missionary work, I'd ask and encourage you to support us with NET ministries in whatever way God enables you to. If you're financially capable of doing so, thank you, if you're a prayer warrior, thank you, if you're a host home, thank you, if you clicked on this page by accident, I call that Divine intervention, thank you. One way or another, I thank you for being part of our journey and this mission! God bless!!