Brandon Milley, Ottawa, ON


Hey y’all, my name is Brandon Milley, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Ottawa, Ontario. A big hobby of mine is sports. I play pretty much every sport you can name (mainly basketball, volleyball, soccer and football). I love music, almost every genre too. Although, the biggest part of my life is my faith. I’m passionate about it and want to spread it to as many people as possible to create that positive impact on people’s lives. I have a complicated background, but moral of the story is that I want to do NET to lead people to the path to Christ and also because I am truly called to do NET. I’ve been involved at my parish (Annunciation of The Lord) for a couple of years now and this parish has been a main factor for my spiritual growth. The community around this parish has become a second family to me and this is where I feel at home away from home. One weekend I was a part of leading a retreat and as I was giving a talk about God’s Call in life I realized that I was truly called to do NET and to make a positive impact on everyone around me. I feel like to maximize the amount of people I can impact, NET would be the perfect option, as God has filled me with the desire to do it. Thank you so much for visiting my page. I hope you can join me in this mission in any way possible. I will gladly accept all of the prayers I can get! Live every day with a smile and God bless!