The time to reach young people is now!


Young people can't afford for you to wait. The time to help them is now.

Thousands of youth across Canada will graduate high school this year having decided that Jesus Christ has no place in their lives. You can help change that.

Jesus Christ is the same now and forever. Young people need to know that He is there, that He loves them, and that He wants them to know Him. The mission doesn’t change: the youth do.

Having someone they can turn to at this pivotal time in their lives can have a tremendous impact on a young person. You can let them know you care by sending teams of NET missionaries to them who speak the truth of who Jesus is. Someone who can understand them, journey with them, and invite them into a relationship with Him while they are still making decisions about who they want to be. The time to reach them is now. Your donation is needed to make this happen today.

Your donation will make it possible for NET missionaries to reach youth with a chance to encounter the person of Jesus Christ before they decide He has no place in their lives. Donate today and change a young person's life forever.