Julianna Squires - Team Supervisor


Hello everyone! My name is Julianna Squires and I am from Surrey in beautiful British Columbia. Yet no matter which province I travel to I will always be searching the horizon for beautiful mountains from my home province.

Also in my beautiful province is my incredible family. I am the oldest of three, with a little brother and a little sister and I have two wonderful parents that have truly encouraged my faith growing up. I was very blessed to have come from a Catholic home at was able to attend a Catholic school. Through those years I was able to hear the truth of the Gospel and about the love that Christ has for me. Although in my time in ministry I learned that for many this is not always the case. NET is a beautiful ministry that is able to share the truth of Jesus’ love with thousands of youth across Canada. The mission of evangelization is always important and it has been a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this powerful experience.This past year I spent as a NET missionary serving on a team in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I was touched by the vibrancy and energy of the community and the desire they had for faith. There are thousands of youth across Canada searching for this truth. T

hank you for partnering with me in this mission and for evangelizing alongside me. This would not be possible without you and I am so grateful for your support. Please know that I will be praying for you! God bless!