Teresa Mervar - Media Assistant


Hello! My name is Teresa. I am 23 years old from Toronto, Ontario. I studied at Ryerson University and have a degree in Child and Youth Care. I served my first year with NET Canada in 2016-17 and have just completed my second year serving with NET USA. 

God is so good! It has been such a blessing to have served on the front lines as a missionary for two years! I have been able to witness how powerful NET can be in two different countries! I have been able to put on 109 retreats both my first and second year on the road! What are the odds that I would put on the same amount of retreats two years in a row with two different teams! It has been such a gift seeing how the Lord could use me as an instrument to spread His love and truth to His children. I am so excited to continue serving with NET but in a different capacity as mission staff. As mission staff I will be working out of the NET office in Ottawa doing more of the behind the scene work that allows NET to function. Without the hard work of the staff and mission staff at the office, it would be impossible for the NET Team Members to reach the thousands of young people across the nation. 

I would like to invite you into the mission with me! Please consider being a partner with me and the mission of NET to challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the church! God bless, and know that you are in my prayers.