Maria Redl - National Team Supervisor


Hi! My name is Maria Redl and I am Team Supervisor for NET Canada! I am originally from Saskatoon and will always call the prairies home. I come from a family of 6 and have 13 nieces and nephews whom I absolutely adore. I am passionate about music, dancing and of course youth ministry!

I studied at the University of Saskatchewan majoring in math for two years before hearing the Lord's call to serve as a missionary with NET. In 2016 I was blessed with the opportunity to serve in Fort McMurray on a Discipleship Ministry Parish Team. There are no words to express the impact that this experience had on my life. It was such an honor to be a part of the community in Fort Mac and bring youth ministry into the parishes and high schools there. Sharing my faith and witnessing the Lord work through my team's ministry was incredibly powerful.

I joined NET Canada’s Mission Staff Program in 2017 and have been volunteering as a Team Supervisor for two years. Working for NET has been an incredible opportunity for me to grow in leadership skills and boldness if faith. I am humbled to know that I would not be able to do this work had I not received such a vivid upbringing in my faith through my family and parish community. I was blessed to grow up in a parish that offered faith formation through youth group and encouraged young people to participate in the Mass and parish community. Leaving home and beginning my work with NET, I found myself overwhelmed by the lack of life in some of the churches I met along the way. I had heard about the concerns with young people falling away from the church but it was awakening to experience it firsthand. Because of the opportunities I had though my parish back home and the positive impact that it has had on my faith, I am passionate to be leading parish teams that are working to create that same opportunity in Catholic Churches that do not yet have a foundation for developing faithful young people.

I am very excited to be continuing my work with NET Canada. It is such a blessing to be given this opportunity to lead vibrant, young Catholics in our mission to share the goodness of the Lord. I have been a witness to the ways that the Lord has worked through NET's mission to change the lives of young people and I have full confidence in His plan for our ministry this year. I cannot wait to see His Plan unfold.

Being a non-profit organisation, NET relies on the generosity of sponsors to make our mission possible. As a Mission Staff member, I am required to fundraise $6,500. If you feel called to financially partner with me in this mission I would greatly appreciate your support. By sponsoring me $40 or more, you will receive a NETworks Newsletter four times a year and updates from me every few months letting you know what is going on in my life and NET's mission.

Thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page. Please be assured of my prayers and gratitude. May God Bless you in abundance.

Sincerely in Christ,

Maria Redl