Nico Fillion - Team Supervisor



Welcome to my Fundraising Page. My name is Nicholas Fillion, I am 22 years old, from Landmark Manitoba. I was on NET Canada for two years; 2015-16 on the French team and 2016-17 on a Parish team in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I was a Team Supervisor last year and will be going for a fourth year with NET and get the amazing opportunity to be a Team Supervisor again mentoring, supporting and caring for the missionaries on the road.

NET has been a huge influence in my life. It has helped to be a leader in my communities, to grow in my faith and meet so many amazing people who are on fire for their faith, willing to continually grow and become people who truly rely on Christ for their lives and for the Evangelization of the whole World. NET has helped me realize the need we have in this world for evangelization. Yet I have hope for these youth because of what I have seen.

Through our ministry I got to witness a youth that was not really interested in her faith. But after coming to a time of prayer with our team, God made amazing changes in her life. She went from not being interested in the faith in any way to wanting to pray the Rosary every day and joining us for Mass as often as possible.

As I’m going for a fourth year with NET as a Team Supervisor, I would like to invite you into the mission with me! Please consider being a partner with me and the mission of NET to challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the church! God bless and know that you are in my prayers.