Jacob Douglas, Local Parish Ministry Administrator

Jacob D

Hi there,

My name is Jacob. Would like to tell you a little about myself in the least boring way possible but I won’t guarantee anything. I am one of eight kids, a lot, I know. We grew up in British Columbia, just outside Vancouver in a place called Langley. In accordance with our late license plates, I believe “Beautiful British Columbia” is the “Best Place on Earth.” In my travels across Canada, I have argued this with many and Albertan and those ever so loyal “East Coast is Best Coast” supporters. Born from the rugged, mysterious, adventurous heart of BC was awakened my own love for adventure. Hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, cutting down trees, raising animals, being crammed inside of cars, going on spontaneous trips big and small, swimming, and a whole lot more about but a few examples of how I like to pass time. I tell people my love language is mountains. It is the Wonder and Awe of God awakens the most for me.

As I grew up Catholic I developed a love for the Mass in altar serving. There was something masculine about it. Also, incense is the best smell of life. Homeschooled till high school,...yes, my parents are saints……, I graduated from St. John Brebeuf secondary school in Abbotsford, BC.

My time in high school was transformational. Whether at school, youth group, retreats, through family, friends, mentors, and a host of other things, God worked wonders in me. From a double life to a life that honestly was still very two-sided, I moved, by God’s grace, into a growing relationship with Him. During this time God was healing me from wounds and areas of sin in my life. A desire awoke in me, affirmed over time because I kept shrugging it off, that I was called to share this hope I had been given with others. In grade eleven I experienced the call and, in November of 2013, God called me to NET Canada. I don’t know how I applied or got accepted as a was probably the most lethargic and procrastinating recruit. As I flew off I remember looking out the window on all I had ever known thinking “what have I done.” I literally knew practically nothing about NET, only that God was calling me to do it.

NET training was the most transformative spiritual, emotion, practical, and mental experience of my life so far. I left it changed. Since 2014 I have served with NET in the parish of St. Vincent de Paul, Weyburn, Saskatchewan, travelled coast to coast facilitating over 130 retreats, and co-ran youth ministry at Divine Infant parish in Ottawa. I am heading into my third year at Divine Infant parish.

I love NET. I am so grateful that God called me to fulfill my mission of evangelization, which the whole Church is commissioned and sent forth with (Matthew 28:16-20), in this way. I could not have dreamed of a more thrilling adventure or that I would drive across Canada so many times. Saskatchewan and Manitoba taught be what the word “endless” really means. All in all,l I am simply blessed beyond words to do what I do. I get more out of it then I give. To see a heart move towards, open up, and even give itself to God, and myself to be apart of it all, is something just……...fulfilling and purposeful. I am passionate about bringing hope to the hopeless. And what better way then showing people, as I was, that there is a fulfillment to there deepest dreams, desires, and longings of their heart: Jesus Christ.

Please pray for me in my mission with NET to evangelize all I interact with, especially youth and their parents. Prayers are what changes hearts. If you can support the Church’s mission of evangelization, our mission, NET’s mission, my mission financially please do.

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God bless you

Jacob Douglas

"It is not enough for young people to be loved - they must know that they are loved." St. John Bosco