Hello! My name is Cecilia Nguyen and I'm from Surrey, BC. I love calligraphy, the mountains and baby kittens! I am so incredibly excited to serve with NET on Mission staff this year!

Last year I served on the front lines with NET on a travelling retreat team, Team 1. Together, we travelled across Canada from PEI to Whitehorse putting on 101 retreats for the youth that we encountered. Throughout that amazing journey, I've learnt many things about myself and my spiritual journey. God revealed to me this past year that not everyone knew who God is simply because there was no one to tell them about Him. I could see a longing for Christ in the hearts of these youth and seeing them come alive with love through our ministry was so amazing. It's because of these experiences that I've grown a love for this mission and realized that my journey with NET is not yet done.

I believe that we are all called to be missionaries and serve the Lord in different ways. This year, I will be continuing my journey with NET through the office as the Development Secretary. I am very excited about this opportunity to serve God and move the mission forward from behind the scenes. I would like to extend an invitation to you to join me on this mission through your prayers, financial support, or both! My goal this year is to raise $7,800 and I want to ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with me on this mission in this way. I am very gracious for your consideration to support the mission! You will all be in my prayers.

Thank you and God bless!


Hello, my name is James Pereira and I am from a small town just outside of Ottawa called Rockland. I’m incredibly excited to be serving next year as a youth coordinator for Annunciation of the Lord Parish! I grew up attending the junior high youth ministry and my time at Annunciation was essential to the formation of a faith life that would lead to my desire to be a missionary with NET Canada. I am so excited about the opportunity to give back to my old youth ministry. This year I served on Team 1, a travelling retreat team and I facilitated 101 NET Retreats for over 7000 young people, of whom 1620 made a personal decision to make a commitment to Jesus Christ. It was absolutely the best year of my life and I am beyond excited to begin this next chapter of serving in this mission of challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. I know many Catholics are deeply saddened by a generation abandoning their faith and a relationship with Jesus and I want to help you bring those young people back to the Church, one soul at a time. If you would like to join me in this mission, I would ask you to prayerfully consider supporting me financially to reach my goal of $7800. If you choose to support monthly or more than $40 in a one time donation, you will receive periodic NET Newsletters and personal letter updates from me. Thank you so much for your time; I will be keeping you in my prayers! God Bless!

I’m from Sydney, Australia spending a 2nd year with NET Canada as a volunteer missionary! Being on Mission Staff is my opportunity to give to the missionaries the support that I received on my first year, and to offer whatever else God asks of me to the mission.

My first year was full of life, service and unforgettable encounters; would you be able to take part in the mission through your financial support? We can’t do this without our donors!

For those that donate $40 or more, or are monthly supporters, you will receive the NET newsletter and personal letter updates throughout the year.

Thank you for your time and effort, you are in my prayers :)


Hello everyone! My name is Maria Brown and I’m from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m so excited to be working with NET this year!

I am serving as Mission Staff this year because, throughout my first year as a missionary with NET, I felt God calling me to continue working with NET but in a new way. I trusted in the Lord and decided to apply for mission staff. Through prayer and discernment, I was accepted to work on staff as a recruiting assistant.

My past year serving on the road with NET was so full of blessings. I was very fortunate to have served on the Keewatin Le-Pas team this past year. It was such an incredible experience working in the North and serving the people of the Keewatin Le-Pas communities.

I would be so grateful if you were able to support me financially and through prayer this year for my mission. I have a personal fundraising goal of $7800 to raise for my year and I would appreciate it if you were able to support me in any way. If you donate $40 or more, or support me monthly, you will receive a NET newsletter and personal letter updates from me throughout the year. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will keep you in my prayers.

God bless!


Hello, my name is Hunter Langill. I’m from the beautiful city of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m currently 19 years old. Before serving with NET I studied for one year at the University of Ottawa for Biology. This year I had the blessing of spending a year of my life in Northern Alberta, serving in the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division. This year has taught me about how much God loves each and every one of us and desires a personal relationship with us. Through discernment and talking with my parents (God love them), I have decided to serve on Mission Staff. I will be serving in Divine Infant Parish as a youth minister. I can not wait to take what I have learned over this past year and bring it to the youth in Ottawa. I would like to invite you to consider joining me both prayerfully and/or financially as a co-missionary this year. If you donate $40 dollars or more, or support me monthly, you will receive the NET Newsletter and personal letter updates from me throughout the year! I hope you will consider joining me on this amazing mission to encourage young Catholics to encounter Christ! God bless!

Hey! Thank you for taking time to consider supporting me in another year of mission. At the beginning of 2018, I felt God call me to quit my job and pursue full-time ministry. God has taken me on a unique journey of growing my interior life and a life of mission. Last year, I was led to be on mission in the Canadian North as a NET missionary in the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas. Through this experience, God was able to bring transformations of hope and healing within the youth, families, and communities across the archdiocese. This year I will be a Team Supervisor and I am excited to help train and mentor the NET missionaries throughout year!

This will be my fourth year on mission with NET Canada. My previous years were at St. Anthony’s Parish in Drayton Valley, Alberta, the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories, and the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas in northern Manitoba and northern Saskatchewan. I am from Zurich, Ontario and have 8 siblings. I have a degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo and enjoy volleyball, the Holy Spirit, engineering, farming and winemaking!   

Please join my mission with NET Canada through your financial support or being a prayer partner. By supporting my mission monthly or donating over $40, you will receive quarterly newsletters and personal letters updating you on how the youth of Canada are encountering Christ and being transformed! Please email me any prayer intentions at .

Come Holy Spirit!

Mike Hartman


Welcome to my personal fundraising page!

Hello! My name is Elianna Pyle and I'm from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I am so excited to continue this mission with NET as a team supervisor for this upcoming year. I have just finished my year on the road with NET for 2018/19, and was located in Vancouver, BC. Myself and my team had an amazing year journeying and putting on retreats for the youth in Vancouver- it was truly amazing to see God working in the youth and changing lives in BC! 

As a part of joining mission staff, I do have a fundraising goal of $7,800. I would like to prayerfully ask if you would consider joining me in this mission by financially supporting NET! Also, if you donate $40 or more, or pledge monthly, you will receive the NET Newsletter, and a personal letter updates from me throughout the year. It is through yourself that youth are able to experience Christ- we seriously could not do it without you! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page! No matter what, I humbly just ask for your prayers, as prayer changes hearts and the world! 

Thank you again, and you will be in my prayers! 


Welcome! My name is Julianna Squires and I am from Surrey, British Columbia. Tucked in between the mountains and the ocean, I realized what a privilege it has been to grow up in such a beautiful country!

In my beautiful home province is my incredible family. I am the oldest of three with a brother and a  sister and my loving and encouraging parents. My entire life I have been very blessed to have grown up in a Catholic home and attend a Catholic school. Through those formative years, I have been able to hear the good news about the love Christ has for me. Although through my time in ministry I have learned that not everyone has had this opportunity. Thousands of youth across Canada do not know how unconditionally loved they are, and they need to know. 

Through my time with NET, I have served as a missionary in Fort McMurray Alberta in 2017-2018. This was one of the most life-changing experiences for more than just the people there but myself as well. Especially as we were able to be a part of a community that had experienced such devastation but was rebuilding hope. This past year I served as a Team Supervisor for teams 1 and 2, our travelling Retreat teams. It was an honour and a privilege to be so closely connected to our generous missionaries. For this upcoming year, I will be serving as the Annunciation Parish Youth Worker, working on the front lines building up youth ministry in a parish here in Ottawa. 

I am excited to embark on this new journey and I would be so honoured to have you as a part of my team! Thank you in advance for all you have done and continue to do to build up the culture of evangelization! God bless!


Hello & thank you for visiting my page!

I am delighted that God is calling me to give another year to serve Him through NET! It is such an honour working for an organization that reaches thousands upon thousands of young people with the Gospel!

My first two years on the road were incredible. I got to witness so many hearts change every day as my teams and I lead young people into an encounter with Christ! It has been an amazing experience working behind the scenes here at our headquarters in Ottawa, working alongside beautiful Catholics who work towards making this mission a possibility! 

I personally invite you to continue making this mission a possibility with your financial and spiritual support! Please consider being a co-missionary with me, in this journey of evangelizing the youth of Canada. At NET Canada, we dream that every Catholic youth in Canada has an opportunity to hear about, respond to, and live for Jesus Christ. Your support is VITAL in making this a reality! Your generosity truly goes a long way, and I have seen it first-hand! If you have supported me in the past, I cannot express how grateful I am of your continual support. Thank you for being part of the mission with me. ❤

You are always in my prayers! 

God bless,