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“Somebody special is looking for you. Somebody special is searching for you. Somebody special is waiting for you. Somebody special, special.”
– ‘Somebody Special’ by Rod Stewart
  As human beings, we have a desire to feel loved, wanted and needed – to feel special. We desire that special promotion or that special someone in our lives who make us feel like royalty. We each have such a man in our lives: Jesus Christ.

Most of the time, as a small group leader, you have one day to pour your energy, heart, and soul into the individual men and women that were placed in your care, not really knowing the full impact or impression you make. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get signs or general feelings of gratitude or growth, but more often than not, after doing all you can to love and guide them to conversion, you are left wondering if you helped them in any way to grow closer to Christ, let alone if they liked you or not. Nevertheless, you have one day to show Christ’s love to these young people...


Sunscreen? Check. Bug repellent? Check. Parka? Check. Hair dryer? Check. Winter boots? Not check because it’s July and stores just started selling their fall product selections. I was trying to anticipate what difficulties I might come across - I packed extra products in case I would be in a very rural area, brought my Aeropress, so that I don’t leave a chance for not having coffee, and downloaded a couple ebooks on my phone to keep engaged during long drives and downtime.

Other people also told me to prepare for conflicts with my team, the pain of separation from family and friends since our SIM cards are turned in, but I was completely blindsided by the systematic heartbreak that takes place at least twice a month. No one prepared me for how hard it would be to say goodbye to host families that welcomed us into their homes.